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Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AGKässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG


Digitalized logistics solutions

10 March 2021

Series and spare parts have been coming off the production line of an automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS) at Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG since the beginning of 2020. This fast system for the automatic storage and retrieval of parts in high-bay warehouses allows Kässbohrer to act very flexibly: Parts can be diverted while still on the conveyor belt!

Immediately after their arrival at the logistics center, all packages are receipted via a scanner in the form of a data glove and then transferred to the small parts warehouse (SPW). At the same time, the scanner records unidentified parts for the system: measuring the items, weighing them and providing images of the items for the production and logistics information system at a later time. This also simplifies and speeds up customs clearance. When the articles are registered, the turnover rate is also specified in the form of an ABC classification - and the articles are placed in the SPW accordingly. 

The Automated Small Parts Warehouse has approximately 15,000 storage locations. Two storage and retrieval machines transfer the boxes from the warehouse to the conveyor system. Up to 5,000 items are stored and retrieved daily. The warehouse logic is based on mobile storage bins. Each box has its own unique storage location - so the system finds the items much faster. If necessary, boxes can be diverted to a new workstation while still on the conveyor system, thus avoiding unnecessary storage.
The First In - First Out principle was also implemented, i.e. items with the oldest goods receipt date and the oldest revision levels are retrieved first. 




Now the automated small parts warehouse has been combined with an automated high-bay warehouse and an automated guided vehicle system. The new automated high-bay warehouse has 2,300 storage locations and 2 stacker cranes. The double-deep racking is designed to be 9 meters high and 45 meters long.
The driverless transport system transfers items from incoming shipments directly to the high-bay warehouse for storage without the need for employee interaction.

Efficient and fast order picking

The conveyor system connects the storage bins to six ergonomically designed workstations running individually programmed SAP transactions. Two of the workstations are set up to handle incoming goods, but can also be used for spare parts shipping if needed, complementing the two workstations that are dedicated exclusively for spare parts shipping. Two of the workstations are available solely for series production. Data gloves are also in use here.

The 6 existing Kardex Paternoster storage towers, which in the past stored typical small parts, have undergone a change of use: Now, special load carriers such as sheet metal and pipes are stored on them.

Intelligent technology for efficiency at the highest level.

With the numerous digital solutions implemented in the recent past, Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG is a pioneer in the commercial vehicle industry.
And further projects, such as the expansion of automation in assembly, are already being planned - because the future begins today!

Small parts have a unique bin location in the SPW.
Parts are automatically collected and once again stored.
The parts are automatically transported to the assigned storage location.